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Update by user Mar 28, 2016

The company finally sent us our reimbursement after I filed a complaint with the OCC. If I hadn't filed a complaint I imagine I wouldn't have gotten the check. If you are having difficulty with Cenlar I highly recommend filing a complaint with the OCC and/or FDIC (I have read others have had success with FDIC - I don't know from experience).

I truly hope someone shuts this company down.

Original review posted by user Feb 06, 2016

Looks like I have to call this three-ring circus again. We sold our house early November and we had over $4000 in our escrow account.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but mortgage companies are supposed to refund excess funds in the escrow account within 20 days. So, my husband and I wait patiently for the check to come, but the entire month of December goes by and nothing comes in the mail. I try to log on to my account but I can't. Not sure why it won't let me.

Because I can't get logged in to see what the heck is going on, I call them on January 13. First off, the girl that helped me couldn't even find our mortgage in their system. She had to use my social security number to do something to get her in. Then it showed they sent a check.

I told her we never got it. So she put me on hold. She finally comes back and says they sent the check, but it wasn't cashed so they will put a hold on that and send me a new one within 7-10 business days. I give her our new address AGAIN (since I already changed it in their system before I moved).

Now, here we are, February 5 and where is the check? Of course, nowhere to be found. Seriously, how are these people still in business? Have you looked up all the class actions against them?

No surprise.

I have a hard time believing this isn't intentional. What these people are doing is illegal and I really hope someone finally takes them down.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

Reason of review: Won't issue escrow refund.

Monetary Loss: $4065.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Cenlar Cons: Illegally withholds funds.

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I had almost the exact thing happen to me!!! I am still waiting on my check!!

Better business bureau here I come!!

This company has to be a scam!!!


I am having the same issue. we logged onto our online account at the end of the year and saw there was a notation on 12/07 there was a refund for overpayment into our escrow account - fantastic!

except we never received the check. I called after the holidays and was told that no, that wasn't the refund date - that was the date the analysis was done and that a check would be issued on the 18th of Jan. I waited a couple a couple of weeks and called back on Jan 25th and was then told a check was indeed issued on 12/07 and they would have to put a stop on the check and reissue a new one - it would take about 48hours to process the stop and then a new check would be issued. I called today (2/10) and was told there was no record of a stop check request and they would need to start the process over again and it would be at least 10 days before I would get a new issued check.

Two months have now gone by and still no refund. My confidence level is at zero at this point.

They have $1900 of MY money! They are either extremely incompetent or liars - or perhaps both!

@Frustrated ***sumer

I'm leaning towards liars. We also haven't gotten our tax statement either so that's something I have to deal with as well :/

You should send a letter/email with your complaint.

If they don't get back to you on it file a complaint with the Office of the Controller of the Currency: http://www.occ.gov

Use the email/letter as proof that you tried to resolve the matter with cenlar. They have a place on the website where you can file your complaint.

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