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I have been trying to get a hold of someone by phone for 30 days now and it is constantly busy. My loan from Taylor Bean was transfered and I need to change my checking account info. Sent in a check 2 weeks ago for last month mortgage and it still hasn't been pulled from my account. I am not sure they got it and hopefully I won't incur late fees. I don't know where I stand with my loan. How am I suppose to talk to someone? At this point I am not even sure what to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Mortgage.

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I have been on hold for 40 minutes. Call volume is "extremely" high.

This is the same message every day. Today I decided to hold for as long as it takes. Customer service is awful, lack knowledge of their own process and have absolutely no interest in assisting.

They are making too much money. If they weren't they would try harder.


I do have the same problem on monthly basis and also they are keep changing my payments to higher payments and of course I am making my payment always a month in advance, no one can answer any questions! I never xpreanced anything like this!!!

Is Crazy!!! I believe is money lundry business.


Cenlar is ripping me off big time and I can't find anyone who speaks English, if and when I can get a live person. The little man in Nepal or wherever knows absolutely NOTHING.

We have had to proove payments of the August 2009 and March 2010 payments (which we have), and now Cenlar has added an exorbitant flood policy payment without our permission, as WE ARE NOT IN A FLOOD ZONE!

I am 75 years old, have lived in this house since 1986 and DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY HOUSE because of some idiots! PLEASE HELP ME!


Cenlar is a ripoff company. Charges a fee to make a payment on their own website.

Says it costs them more to take a web payment than a check. Told me to sign up for the automatic debit from my checking account. I finally got a hold of someone who may or may not be helping me after trying for 6 months since Taylor, Bean & Whitaker went bankrupt. My account still shows us a behind a month in making our mortgage payment because the funds are supposedly tied up in bankruptcy court.

Cenlar can give me no indication of when this will be resolved. Our year end Mortgage Interest Statement is short a month also. Cenlar Sucks. I'm filing a complaint with the Office of Thrift Supervision.

They are the largest servicer of mortgage loans in the country. Lame service.!!


I've had some success calling their New Jersey headquarters directly at 609-883-3900, then 0. The operator transferred me to the department that could help me.

The call center in India that answers the 800 number is totally useless.


This company is horribly incompetent. I have gone rounds and rounds and they all say, "Oh its taken care of." But the truth is completely different. Their customer service reps are as dumb as rocks.


I have completely overwhelmed with the impossibility to speak to someone at Cenlar, Either I cant reach them, or they can barely speak English. Maybe if the people in charge start getting some phone calls this will change real fast. Please join me in emailing them or calling their main line at 609-883-3900 and then any of these people's ext.

Michael W. Young Chairman x3320


Gregory S. Tornquist President/Chief Executive Officer x3288


Stephen W. Gozdan Senior Vice President/ x3221


Mark R. Lybeck Senior Vice President/ x3286


Robert C. Weis Senior Vice President x3294

Asset Acquisitions Fax: (609) 538-4015


David J. Miller, Jr. Senior Vice President/ x5404

Business Development Director Fax: (609) 718-4505


Robert M. Light Senior Vice President x3280

Internal Audit/Quality Control Fax: (609) 718-4828


Jeanne M. Bader Senior Vice President/ x3190

Director of Loan Administration Fax: (609) 718-4583


Jack Plasket Vice President x2039

Security Officer Fax: (609) 538-4006


Patricia Day Vice President x3282

Human Resources Fax: (609) 538-4027


Denise Vaccaro Vice President x3292

Marketing Fax: (609) 538-4024

Corporate Communications


Dee Lowe Vice President/Corporate Secretary x3277

E-mail: Fax: (609) 538-4006


Me again. Wrote my complaint while on hold and got a hold of very competent and friendly rep - Malika!

Phone number -866-305-6949 (only on hold 30 min this time). They didn't make an error - just confusing info on on-line account.


I JUST found a number that you can actually reach them on. You may have to wait for 30 mins to talk to someone but you will get a human. It's 1-800-223-6527

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