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I totally agree with all the other posters who talked about the horrible customer service and the difficulties they have communicating with Cenlar. Like many of the other posters my loan was transferred to them and it has been horrible ever since.

They doubled my monthly mortgage payment without giving me any notice because they claimed that my escrow account was underfunded due to supposedly not having insurance. Apparently it was my fault that the accounts of the company they bought were frozen and my job to prove I had the insurance. I took me months for them to accept the proof that I had insurance on my house and get a refund of the money they took from my account. I never granted them access to my account yet that mysteriously transferred from my former loan company but none of the insurance documents.

Then they didn't report my mortgage for years which caused me a problem when attempting to refinance. The lastest is that they are giving out names of people to QuickenLoans. People who may be eligible for refinance. I don't appreciate them giving my name to other companies so someone else can make a buck off of me and if I refinance I certainly don't want to remain with Cenlar.

Especially since they have screwed me over so many times.

I emailed them and got a computer generated canned response that made no sense.

They are the worse! Makes me really regret ever buying a house.

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Everything in this complaint has happened to me too. Quicken Loans calls me every day! I think I'll refinance with someone else who knows how to service a mortgage.

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