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I asked for a payoff amount on 10/28/2009...I never received it, so I called again today,I was calling from my home phone and my cell. after 48 minutes I got there and the person I spoke with could not understand what I was asking.

He refused to let me talk to a supervisor (over and over ) again. I finaly got his name out of him ( CXXXXXXXXXX PXXXX). I have been trying to pay this loan in full for 2 weeks. I made a payment today and am still waiting for a payoff amount!!!!

I am reporting this to the Attny general and anyone else that I can. I would not reccomend this company to Operate in a third world country , never mind the U.S.A.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cenlar Loan.

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I am still dealing with these *** I am trying to pay in full and they sent my check back. I sent them a bank draft again and now they say they never recieved it.

This is a nightmare!

I just want to pay and walk away from the idiots. And I so hope they go under and we get a class action suite going on!


Cenlar is a mess and ruining my credit. They have not even paid my real estate taxes that were due in August, although they certainly took my escrow from TB&W.

Their customer service reps. are horrible and can not resolve anything.

Payments are going to principal, leaving the monthly payment unpaid.

They say they are not reporting to credit, but I just bought another house three weeks ago and they are not reporting anything other than payments are not credited and anywone with an equity accelerator is behind.

The last customer service rep. said if I make two payments TODAY it will bring my account current. So I did and they did not apply them to the monthly payments, they made one payment and sent the rest to principal after holding on to it for a month. so you guessed it I still am a month behind.

I've never been a month behind.

I'm refinancing the Cenlar mortgage to get away from them. They should be sued for the money they have cost me.

I've filed several notices with the Federal Trade Bureau, maybe if they get enough posting their, the Fed's will close up Cenlar.

Does anyone know if there is a CLASS ACTION SUIT being filed. If so, please let me know who and where it is filed.




I just found out today that Cenlar does not report your on time mortgage payments to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. If you want your most important payment counted on your credit report I would suggest you look for another loan service provider. I will be refinancing as soon as possible!


Finaly found a phone number in the united states!!!! She was great and helpfull...1-800-223-6527 its the tax dept.

but seems they can help you. Maybe they can give you a phone number where they speak english

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